Enclosed Fish Farms

The fish farms which contribute to the development of methods of fish farming and converted to manufacturing have all the elements of modern industries where carefully controlled environment conditions (temperature - oxygen - food - type Water Purifier), and can be established anywhere and in less space and doesn't require only a limited amount of water are processed continuously biology.

The Power of Aquaculture.

The importance of aquaculture in providing fish meat contains a high percentage of protein as a result of selecting appropriate types of feeds and free of contaminants and water purification mechanically and biologically continuously to provide the most accurate conditions for fish growth fast and healthy and get fish types and different amounts and timings required throughout the year.

Aqua D.F.F

The Next Level of The Future

We design indoor fish farms intensified biological treatment and mechanical, with different sizes and shapes to ensure availability of required during production time throughout the year so it does not require large areas to create. don't need manpower are automatically managed in terms of operation and different measurements for water and need no electricity or pumps where many are run on less voltage and natural forces as well as do not need many waters where recycled water purifier continuously without interruption during the day.

The Enclosed Circle

The Enclosed System consists of four main parts work together mechanically (pond-filters, mechanical-biological filters-autoclaves) where water closed circle once they leave the pond until she purified again without causing the water kadat Gg so does not exceed 5% of the volume of waste water during the day

New Materials

All products of the Enclosed farms manufactured from fibreglass reinforced in various forms to bear tremendous pressure filters as well as heavy loads by default up to 10 years at least. It does not need maintenance every year such as cement ponds also has no effect on fish growth is quite soft and insulating from the inside and the outside, unlike alasmanih or plastic ponds ponds that cause harm to fish and leak toxic substances to water.

Available Sizes

You can also request a special size