Simple Technology & More Production

We design and manufacture various products of fibreglass that utilizes the latest and simplest types of advanced technology that helps frequent production in as little time as we have several patents in fish farms enclosed self-powered and marine hatchery ponds.

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Desert Fish Farm

Aqua D.F.F

Desert fish Farm company was founded in 1999 and the company since its inception and up to date on the latest manufacturing equipment for fish farms and marine hatcheries and design latest technology for intensive Enclosed fish farms to increase farm productivity and lower cost and design techniques for modern equipment and methods of water purification and treatment and reuse again and manufacturing marine equipment and boats and watermarks, and also all ponds are made of fibreglass reinforced steel to withstand the extreme conditions And hard labour for long term business.

Aqua D.F.F

Fiberglass Material

Most Powerful Material

All products of the Enclosed farms manufactured from fibreglass reinforced in various forms to bear tremendous pressure filters as well as heavy loads by default up to 10 years at least. It does not need maintenance every year such as cement ponds also has no effect on fish growth is quite soft and insulating from the inside and the outside, unlike alasmanih or plastic ponds ponds that cause harm to fish and leak toxic substances to water.

Enclosed Fish Farms

More production with high technology

The fish farms which contribute to the development of methods of fish farming and converted to manufacturing have all the elements of modern industries where carefully controlled environment conditions (temperature - oxygen - food - type Water Purifier), and can be established anywhere and in less space and doesn't require only a limited amount of water are processed continuously biology.

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