Water Treatment

Water treatment process to get rid of solids and pollutants and ammonia and microorganisms from the water to be processed to obtain pure water and usable again in aquaculture and the different areas like the new water efficiency and minimize the losses to the maximum possible.

Mechanical Filter

The mechanical filter in the first stages of water filtration, water purification and separation materials and solid waste and leftover feed water from fish Tanks. It is a manufacturer of fiberglass and eco-friendly materials and contains a mechanical filters book of solids and gases and separated from the water to be clean and does not contain any harmful material or waste of fish and you can cleaned the filters by washing the reverse subjective who is expelled this craps out filter to reuse as organic fertilizer in agriculture to help the growth of transplantation naturally and fast.

• Available sizes: 50 M3/hour : 200 M3/h.

Biological Filter

Second stages of water treatment filter after emerging from mechanical separation of solids and gases. it is separate ammonia and water purification and biological treatment of reused either fresh water or mixed through active surfaces manufactured from fiberglass engineered to work mechanically it contains effective microorganisms works natural forces for both the quality of the water and the degree of salinity. And also contains units of absorption of harmful gases, where the amount of disposition equal to the rate of water flow and can be used for different purposes for the treatment of wastewater.

• Available sizes: 25 M3 : 50 M3

UV Sterilizer

The third stages of water purification and treatment by the (U.V) are used in water purification and treatment to make the water healthier and make it free from live bacteria or microorganisms. It also does not use any chemicals and do not need much space or time and be scattered to different behaviors or grouped as a plant collector.

• Available sizes: 20 M3/hour : 200 M3/h.

Oil Separator

Does garlic impurities and oils are less dense than water by natural and mechanical methods so that does not need much space. Manufacturer of fiberglass and environmentally friendly raw materials.

• Available sizes: 50 M3 : 400 M3